Elk Grove to be hit with another major road closure next week


Next week Bond Road will be closed at the railroad track, just east of Elk Grove-Florin Road from August 15-19. The closure will be 24/7 and pedestrians, bikers and vehicles will be prohibited. Bond Road is the major east/west connector for the area. Residents will be forced to use Elk Grove Blvd and Sheldon Road, both 2 lanes roads to get to the east side of town. The closure coupled with school being back in session could cause a lot of headaches for Elk Grove drivers.



The area has dealt with several road closures over the past 6 weeks. The intersection of Waterman and Sheldon was closed for just over a month, July 5 – August 8. That was followed by the closure of Elk Grove-Florin Road from August 8-12.


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