Elk Grove Police Officer Association endorsement comes under fire from mayoral candidate Steve Ly

Last week the Elk Grove Police Officers Association endorsed 3 candidates in the upcoming local election. The EGPOA endorsed incumbents Steve Detrick and Darren Suen in their upcoming city council elections and also endorsed mayoral candidate Kevin Spease. The endorsement for Spease came under heavy criticism from current city councilman and mayoral candidate Steve Ly, who in an article in the Elk Grove Citizen, called the endorsement a “backroom deal.”


A joint press release was issued by City Council members Detrick and Suen defending the EGPOA.


“Elk Grove Council Members Detrick and Suen Defend Elk Grove POA

Community Should be Confident in Local Police

Elk Grove Council Members Suen and Detrick joined together today to demonstrate their complete confidence in the Elk Grove Police Department and their POA.


On Friday Vice Mayor and candidate for Mayor Steve Ly accused the Elk Grove Police Officers Association of engaging in “backroom deals” when the POA voted unanimously to support one of Ly’s opponents in the upcoming election for Mayor.


“With everything that is happening across our country right now regarding law enforcement officers, comments like this undermine the trust of the community in the police force,” said Detrick. “This is not good for our community.”


“I have complete faith in the Elk Grove Police Officers Association,” said Suen.  “I want to assure the people of Elk Grove that we have law enforcement professionals that are protecting their homes, businesses and families 24 hours of every day.”


Both men agreed that it is important the comments made in the election process don’t leak over to cause a lack of confidence in our local public safety infrastructure.


The Elk Grove Police Department and their officers are widely considered the best in the region.  They have over 200 professionals that respond to more than 50,000 calls for service each year.”

Spease and Ly are among 6 candidates running for Mayor of Elk Grove. Incumbent Gary Davis announced on July 12 that he would not seek re-election. The other 4 are Joel Broussard, Michael Monasky, Garrett Smith and Tracie Stafford.


Updated 8/20/16 response from Joel Broussard

” At first we were disappointed about the endorsement and was skeptical after talking with some officers and receiving the support. However, we have decided to move on and not focus on what’s behind us, we’d rather focus on the path ahead and the needs for Elk Grove! We still plan on immediately proposing plans for an increase in our public safety and the biggest endorsement we are seeking is the great citizens of Elk Groves vote on November 8!”

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