Local Water Skier Takes First in National Championship

Local Water Skier Takes First in National Championship



Elk Grove’s Brian Detrick took first place in the 2016 74th Goode Water Ski National Championships that took place at Broadside Harbor in Caldwell, Idaho August 8-13. Detrick competed in the Open Men’s Slalom division. He was the top seed, #1 ranked open (pro) skier in the country competing at the 2016 National Championships. Detrick knew what he needed to get being the final skier off the dock and he went out and did just that. Scoring 2 buoys at 41 off, a rope length that is 3 1/2 feet short of the buoy line.
“It wasn’t easy out there. I had a number of bobbles and a few turns I could have gone down on. But I am never one to give up. I knew I had to run 39 1/2 off to have a shot at the win. As I entered the course at that rope length I had a horrible start at the first buoy and it put me in a very tough position. There was no more thinking about my technique, I instantly went into survival mode. Luckily I had an perfect two ball turn where I gained back some ground and I knew I had a chance. I kept fighting as I got down the course and found myself coming into 5 ball with too much speed but I trusted my ski and knew I had to have a decent turn in order to get to 6 ball and out the gates to complete the pass. When I came out of the gates I heard the crowd go crazy. I put that pass behind me and focused on what I needed to do at 41 off to get the win. I knew I only needed to get a piece of two ball for the win so I was focusing on what I needed to do to get a good gate and turn at one ball. I had a great gate and a pretty good turn at one, I pulled a little long to two just to make sure I got there for the win. I know in tournaments like this, you go for the win first and not for a personal best score. I still turned two to get farther down the pass but I got a little deep and stood up as I came across the wakes into three ball, giving out a big yell and throwing my fist into the air. It was an incredible feeling knowing that I was able to get it done. I have worked extremely hard both on and off the water and the hard work continues to pay off with another great performance this at nationals” Detrick said. 
This week Detrick heads to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Malibu Open Water Ski Championships
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