Update on Tuesday’s police activity on Atkins Drive

Yesterday the Elk Grove police department and a SWAT Team converged on a house on Atkins Drive as part of a prior criminal investigation. Two men and two juveniles were arrested.

EGPD officers were conducting follow-up regarding an armed robbery investigation from last week (16- 5229) at the above location. During the course of the investigation, officers obtained a search warrant and arrest warrants for S-3 and S-4 related to the robbery. EGPD’s SWAT team initiated the warrant service at the above location and attempted to make contact with the occupants. The occupants did not initially answer the door even after numerous announcements and tactics were used to gain compliance. After ten minutes, S-1 (Elk Grove resident) and his mother exited the residence. S-3 (Elk Grove resident), S-4 (Sacramento resident) and S-2 (Elk Grove resident) also exited the location and were detained. A search of the residence led to the discovery of processed marijuana and several handguns that had been disassembled. The disassembled parts had been hidden at different locations inside the residence. A records check revealed that one of the handguns had been reported stolen. S- 1 and S-2 were taken into custody then transported to juvenile hall. S-3 and S-4 were arrested then transported to the main jail.
The two adults were arrested last Tuesday for an armed robbery.

EGPD Daily Watch Summary August 8-9. Three arrested for armed robbery



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