Elk Grove City Council District 3 Race

This November the citizens of Elk Grove will go to the polls and vote for a Mayor and two city council positions. One of the council seats is District 3 where incumbent Steve Detrick will face off against two challengers, Maureen Craft and Vince Neuburger. Detrick was first elected in 2008. He is running for his 3rd term on the council.

Elk Grove Laguna Forums is endorsing Steve Detrick this November



Taken from the website www.stevedetrick.com

Elk Grove Councilman Steven M. Detrick was elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2008. Before that, Steve was very active in the community, both in sports and in local government, as co-founder and chairperson of Elk Grove Coalition Advocating Proper Planning (EGCAPP).

Professionally, Steve has been employed with PG&E for 42 years, currently as the Northern California Electric Transmission Estimating Supervisor. His position involves leading a group of overhead and underground electrical engineering estimators that serve PG&E and the Northern California Communities with service planning, new business and reconstruction electric transmission and distribution projects for individuals, developers, cities, counties and the State of California.

Family is at the center of everything Steve does. Steve, along his wife Jan Detrick of 30 years, moved to Elk Grove in 1990, where they have realized many of their dreams. Elk Grove is a great community, and is where they chose to raise their three sons: Steven, Brian and Nick. Steve is also a proud grandfather of Gabriella and Olivia.

Steve is an avid sportsman and his passion is mentoring youth of all ages. Steve has been involved in Youth Sports at all levels as a mentor and coach for water-skiing, disabled water-skiing, baseball, soccer, football and basketball.

Steve’s entire family is also involved in Youth Sports at all levels – coach and/or supporter for water-skiing, disabled water-skiing, baseball, soccer, track and field, football and basketball. Steve is a national competitor in USA Water-Skiing and he has achieved nationally rated status as a senior driver and senior judge.

Steve takes his role as a public servant very seriously and he is steadfast about making sure he is accessible not only for the residents of Elk Grove, but for our business owners as well.


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Why Steve Detrick?

In the 90’s, I became involved with community issues that affect Elk Grove. I have found that many community leaders place their own interests above the interest of the citizens of Elk Grove.

  • Get tough on crime: It’s time to stop playing politics with Law Enforcement. We need to put more police on the streets with the best equipment and training possible. Enact tougher laws to crack down on gang members and repeat offenders. I believe that public safety is city government’s most important duty. Elk Grove Citizens shouldn’t have to live in fear. I believe our neighborhoods and schools should be safe places for our children to grow up. I will build bridges between our police, fire, park and school district officials to educate and empower students and parents to resolve issues involving crime and safety.
  • Revive the local Economy:  Elk Grove needs to become a city that attracts new businesses and good jobs. I will keep taxes and fees low, make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely, and cut the red tape to make Elk Grove a thriving local economy.
  • Honest and Transparent Government: I have been raising my family in Elk Grove since 1990. For years I have worked tirelessly to make public officials accountable to the people, not special interests. It’s time to end the backroom deals and bring openness and transparency to city government. I will always support public engagement in all aspects of city government from projects to issues, and will vigorously maintain open communication with my fellow citizens, always listening to all sides to render the most informed votes.
  • I have successfully brought forth ordinances passed by the Elk Grove City Council
  • I have worked with other community groups on projects and summit meetings to better our city
  • I have 40 years of experience with citizens, city, county and state organizations
  • I will restore the public’s trust, and will always represent the interests of the citizens of Elk Grove
  • I have worked with fellow citizens and the Elk Grove Police Department to address crime and gang prevention
  • I have worked with city and county agencies at forums to work toward resolving traffic problems and increasing the quality of public transportation
  • I have worked with citizens and financial institutions to forge solutions to help citizens remedy the economic problems that many are facing today
  • I am a proponent of smart, controlled growth, as we build toward the future together
  • I vow to bring more quality businesses and jobs to Elk Grove so that we will be able to support our local businesses, and promise to keep an “eagle-eye” on your tax dollars to ensure fiscal responsibility and cut wasteful spending
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