2016 Elk Grove elections


Voters in Elk Grove will be going to the ballot in just over 2 months to vote for a mayor, two city council members, 3 school board members,  a Sacramento County tax increase, a local school bond measure and more.


Elk Grove Mayor

  • Kevin Spease
  • Joel Broussard
  • Steve Ly
  • Tracie Stafford
  • Michael Monasky
  • Garrett Smith
  • Jrmar Jefferson


Elk Grove City Council

District 1

  • Darren Suen (appointed vacancy)
  • John Phair


District 3

  • Steve Detrick (incumbent)
  • Vincent Neuberger
  • Maureen Craft


Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees

Area 3

  • Chet Madison (incumbent)
  • Chris Baker

Area 6

  • Nancy Chaires Espinoza (appointed vacancy)
  • Marlon Hill

Area 7

  • Carmine Forcina (incumbent)
  • Nikita Kostyuk

Cosumnes Community Services District  (vote for 3)

  • Michelle Orrock (incumbent)
  • Gil Albiani (incumbent)
  • James Luttrell
  • Orlando Fuentes
  • David Beales









US Congress

Elk Grove is represented by 4 congressional districts. If you live in 95624, you are in District 7. In 95758, you are in either District 3, 6 or 7. If you live in 95757, you are in either 3, 6 or 9. Your address will determine which district you are in. Most of Elk Grove is represented by district 7.

District 7

  • Ami Bera (incumbent)
  • Scott Jones

District 3

  • John Garamendi (incumbent)
  • Eugene Cleek

District 6

  • Doris Matsui (incumbent)
  • Robert Evans

District 9

  • Jerry McNerney (incumbent)
  • Tony Amador


California State Senate 

District 6 – no election in 2016, represented by Richard Pan


California Assembly

District 9

  • Jim Cooper (incumbent)
  • Tim Gorsulowsky


Local tax and bond measures


Sacramento County Measure B – 30 year, 1/2 cent sales tax increase to pay for road improvements. Expected to raise $300 million total. Requires 2/3 yes vote to pass


Elk Grove Unified School District Measure M –  $476 million bond to repair and upgrade existing classrooms and facilities. Requires 55% yes vote to pass.


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