Elk Grove Police arrest two in late night Camden burglary

Elk Grove Police arrest two in late night Camden burglary



Just after 11 pm last night, Elk Grove Police officers responded to a call about the front door of a residence being open with several individuals around. When officers arrived they observed a man pushing a large safe on a dolly towards a pickup with two other men. The suspect pushing the safe fled on foot while the other two men fled in the pickup when officers tried to conduct an enforcement stop. The suspects led Elk Grove Police on a 2.8 mile pursuit through Camden. The suspects eventually drove down Doncaster Court where the driver jumped out of the moving pickup and fled on foot. The other suspect remained in the car as it jumped the curb and struck a tree. He was immediately detained at the scene. The driver was later apprehended with the help of an EGPD K9 unit and a helicopter.  The driver was identified as Demon Brice, 38, from Stockton. The other suspect was identified as 40 year old Jamal Brice, also of Stockton. The third suspect was not located. Officers confirmed that a home on North Camden was burglarized.


There were numerous posts on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page about police activity and a helicopter over the Camden area.


Elk Grove Police JAMAL BRICE

          Demon Brice                                    Jamal Brice



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  1. Mario Moreno says:

    Thank you for the great job of taking care of our city!

  2. Thomas Brown says:

    Good job rounding them up EGPD!

  3. Kevin says:

    We speak for so many when we say “thanks officers for what you do!” We believe in you who protect and serve the rest of us.

  4. Ken says:

    Excellent way to go EGPD.

  5. Lynn A says:

    We are so lucky to have such a great police department in Elk Grove. Thanks for all you do to keep us safe and to catch these guys.

  6. midh66 says:

    Thank you EGPD! I wonder how they knew about the safe?!

  7. Greg Giorgi says:

    EGPD is the best, nice work!

  8. Sara says:

    Thank you for keeping our neighborhoods safe and protecting our homes and families!

  9. Tyler says:

    Only if South Sac had EGPD !!! Even with all these burglaries happening lately they haven’t been doing much. Sad.

  10. CT says:

    We need SAC PD to catch Bulgaria here in South Sacramento. Imagine being sleep deprived for the past weeks due to the large amount of home invasions broad daylight & over night, not k owi g when you are next.

  11. PT says:

    We’re the citizens of Elk Grove. We will stand behind our courageous police department and its staffs 115%. Get those dirt bags out of our community!


  12. Donna G. says:

    Thank you EGPD! We appreciate you!

  13. Angela says:

    I loathe thieves with a passion. How dare you steal from a hard working person who earned their possessions honestly. Thank you EGPD! and thanks to the concerned observant neighbor who made the call.

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