Elk Grove Police chase ends when stolen car runs out of gas

Elk Grove Police chase ends when stolen car runs out of gas



In what could wind up as a mention in a “dumb crooks” TV segment, a suspect driving a stolen car tried to evade the Elk Grove Police only to run out of gas 3.6 miles later.  On Wednesday afternoon, Elk Grove Police received a call of a vehicle driving recklessly. A records check on the license plate revealed that it was a stolen car from Modesto. When officers located the car near Emerald Vista drive and attempted to contact the suspect, the suspect drove away and a pursuit ensued. The pursuit continued on Elk Grove-Florin Road past Elk Grove Park to East Frontage Road where it eventually ended on Survey Road near Grantline Road when the vehicle ran out of gas. The suspect was arrested without incident. 


24 year old Jashneel Johnson was arrested and charged with 3 felonies and 1 misdemeanor.

  • Felony evading a police officer – driving in a reckless manner
  • Felony theft and unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle
  • Felony buying or receiving stolen property
  • Misdemeanor driving with a suspended or revoked license

Bail is set at $90,000.




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