Candidates for Elk Grove mayor speak out on crime

The Elk Grove Citizen asked all 7 candidates their thoughts on crime in the city.  Kevin Spease, Garrett Smith and Joel Broussard suggested adding more officers. Steve Ly, Tracie Stafford and Broussard praised local community and neighborhood watch groups. Michael Monasky would like to see monthly meetings in each council district to address any issues. Jrmar Jefferson said he believes the high cost of living in Elk Grove, forcing both parents to work long hours contributes to the increase in crime. He would like to see more free family events. 
Public safety is an issue that residents seem most concerned about in Elk Grove. At the Camden neighborhood association meeting on Thursday, Elk Grove Police Chief Robert Lehner emphasized that when compared to other cities of its size, Elk Grove is still very safe. He also stressed the need for neighborhoods to work together. That can be street by street. Getting to know your immediate neighbors and watching out for each other and being the eyes and ears for police. 

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  1. Maretta Tufts says:

    I believe public safety is of great importance, I also think that as citizens we have a responsibility as well. We should not ignore things we see, if we see something, say something. When we say nothing we become a part of the problem. If we want a safe community we need to all be pro active. Become familiar with who lives in your neighborhood, so it becomes easy to notice who doesn’t belong. If it looks suspicious report it. Know your neighbors.

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