iPhone 7, what you need to know about Apple’s newest iPhone

iPhone 7, what you need to know about Apple’s newest iPhone




By now you have most likely heard the news that Apple announced it’s newest iPhone yesterday, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The newest iPhone still closely resembles the iPhone 6 and 6S. It will come in 2 new colors, jet black and black. Apple has done away with the headphone jack, but don’t worry because they are including an adapter. Headphones will now plug into the lightning charging port. The new iPhone will also be water resistant. If you drop your phone in the pool or fall into the pool, your iPhone will be okay. The 7 Plus will come with a two cameras. The second lens will allow for a better zoom capability. Apple is also doing away with the 16 GB phone. iPhones will now be 32, 128 and 256 GB’s.

Below are the 10 newest items on the new iPhone

  1. New design jet black finish black, silver, gold and rose gold
  2. New home button
  3. Water and dust resistant
  4. New Camera. 12 megapixel. Better flash. 7 megapixel front camera. Two cameras on iPhone 7 plus. Better zoom camera
  5. Retina display. Brighter display. 3D Touch
  6. Audio. Two speakers. Stereo.  2X louder than iPhone 6
  7. No headphone jack. Must use lightning connector or blue tooth. Every iPhone will come with lightning ear phones and an adapter to connect with standard headphones
  8. Apple coming out with AirPods $159 Wireless in October
  9. Apple Pay, easier to use
  10. Performance. New A10 chip. 40% faster than previous iPhone. Longest battery life ever for iPhone. 1-2 hours more than previous iPhones

Apple Products on Amazon.


iPhone 7 32 GB $649        7 Plus $769

iPhone 7 128 GB $749      7 Plus $869

iPhone 7 256 GB $849      7 Plus $969


Apple Airpods

When can you order? September 9, at 12 am PDT. They will be available in stores on 9/16

iOS 10 will be available on September 13. It will have many major upgrades, including the Apple Home kit app to manage home devices on iOS devices, improved Maps and more. 

Also Apple is coming out with it’s Apple Watch Series 2

  • More apps. Pokemon Go
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Built in GPS no longer need your iPhone.
  • Faster and brighter
  • Nike Apple Watch


If you missed the announcement you can view it in it’s entirety,  Apple Key Note 



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