Busy start to 9/11 for local first responders

Busy start to 9/11 for local first responders


On a morning that remember the lives lost and the sacrifices made 15 years today, local first responders had a very busy morning. In a matter of 7 minutes they responded to 2 accidents and a fire all within a 2 mile radius on the east side of Elk Grove.


At 7:39 am the call came in for an expanded traffic collision on Emerald Vista Drive. A driver struck a parked vehicle, causing the vehicle he was driving to rollover. The driver was transported to the hospital.

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At 7:45 am the call came for an expanded traffic collision at Bond Road and Quail Cove. This was a two vehicle accident.




One minute later a call of backyard structure fire came in at 7:46 am. The fire appeared to start in the shed in the backyard of a home on Rubystone Court. Firefighters from multiple agencies responded to the call. The fire was quickly put out. No word on if any homes were damaged. There didn’t appear to be any damage done.



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