Elk Grove Police issue child abduction scam alert 

Elk Grove Police

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Elk Grove Police issue child abduction scam alert 

The Elk Grove Police Department issued an alert this morning regarding a telephone scam involving abducted children. Parents are receiving phone calls saying their children were kidnapped and then asked for money or gift cards. 
From the EGPD:

Please be aware that the following phone scam is occurring throughout California and is designed to extort money from you KCRA News
Residents should be suspicious of any telephone calls where the caller indicates that an emergency situation has taken place and the only solution is to electronically transferring money or purchasing prepaid gift cards. If you receive a similar phone call, please report the incident to your local law enforcement agency.

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  1. Tom Brown says:

    If one is dumb enough to go for this scam, they probably not responsible enough to be allowed to answer the phone.

  2. No one has to be dumb to fall for this scam ,, in this day an age things happen,, when I was in kindergarten I could walk to school by myself. Not possible now , the times have changed

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