Could the Sacramento area be looking at a conflict between Asian and African Americans? 

Could the Sacramento area be looking at a conflict between Asian and African Americans?



There has been a lot of news the past couple of weeks regarding Asian homes and businesses being targeted by African Americans. Now the Asian community is forming it’s own armed patrols to deal with it because they feel Sacramento police and area leaders are not doing enough. 

Asian business owners in south Sacramento said customers are staying home at night out of fear. Sacramento police are weighing whether some of the recent robberies could be classified as hate crimes.

Source: Frustrated with Sacramento leaders, armed citizen patrols respond to robberies of Asians | The Sacramento Bee

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  1. Nancy says:

    Could we possibly revise the title of your article? Or better yet revise the entire content? The information you’ve gathered from the SacBee is nowhere close to what is portrayed in the article you posted. I’ve read and re-read the 3 articles posted by the SacBee and have not once read anything that represented what you are insisting. The mere fact that you questioned if this could remotely be a “conflict” between race is misleading. As a voice for the community, you have a responsibility to keep community members informed of actual facts and not use bits a pieces of an article to give your post a highlighted title. The response on the FB post have been geared towards your intended message because of the content you posted. I bet that you can help bring awareness for the Asian community and all members of Elk Grove if you shed the purpose and intent of the actual message.

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