Crime in Elk Grove down through first 8 months of 2016

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Crime in Elk Grove down through first 8 months of 2016





Outgoing Elk Grove Police Chief Robert Lehner released crime statistics through the first 8 months of 2016. After dropping from 2008 to 2013, the crime rate increased in 2014 and then dropped again in 2015. The crime rate continues to drop in 2016.


Violent Crimes are DOWN 9.9 percent during the first eight months of 2016 as compared with the first eight months of 2015.  The only category with an increase is Rape, 17 more incidents this year than last.


Property Crimes are DOWN 24 percent 2016 over 2015.  The only category of increase is Motor Vehicle Theft, up about 9 percent.  Burglaries are DOWN 39.6 percent.


All this is good news for Elk Grove residents, some of which have taken to social media to complain of “out of control crime” and the city being unsafe. 


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  1. Tom Brown says:

    I don’t think the numbers are accurate. It smells like someone cooked the books.

    • Why don’t you think they are accurate?

      • Tom Brown says:

        Many property crimes are no longer reported due to Prop 47. The softening of consequences for the perpetrators and increased liability for stopping the crimes in progress have have encouraged thievery. Citizens have given up. Everyday EGLN reports arrests for outstanding warrants which are probably not counted as new crimes. It is obvious that the crooks are no longer afraid to do criminal acts because they get out of jail so quickly.
        The way that your crime statistics are gathered and reported are defiantly done to make the the administration look like they are doing a better job than they really are.

    • I disagree. The perception is crime is up but it’s not based on facts.

    • Nathan Champion says:

      I don’t think that the police are taking police reports for all incidences of crime and so the numbers appear to be less. Also may crimes that were felonies are now misdemeanors, so aside from not wanting to take police reports on them, when a report is taken, the statistic would show up in a different category so if they are only looking at at colonies, many will not appear.

      • Tom Brown says:

        If crimes are no longer crimes, the crime rate will always decrease. Stupid misleading numbers IMO. Can’t wait for Oakland to apply for Sister City status.

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