Spotlight on Business: Big Oak Nursery

Spotlight on Business: Big Oak Nursery






Big Oak Nursery has been in the business of planting and growing annual flats of bedding plants since 1993 in Elk Grove. Our locally grown bedding plants have become a trademark in the nursery industry in the greater Sacramento area. In 2009 Big Oak Nursery expanded to include one of the largest selections of perennials, shrubs, fruit trees, shade trees and roses in Elk Grove. We offer a wide variety of plant selections for the home gardener and the landscaper in sizes from 4″ to 15 gallons all grown on site located on Grant Line Road.


We are here to help you with your gardening needs as we promote native plant varieties as well as water wise gardening alternatives featuring UC Davis Arboretum All-stars. Our outstanding vegetable selection includes conventional and heirloom varieties for planting your winter or summer vegetable garden. We have over 175 varieties of fruit trees suited for backyard orchards.


While many assume spring and summer are seasons best suited for gardening and revamping their yards, fall in California can be the perfect season to establish new plants with important, often-overlooked planting benefits. We can include so many cool-season vegetables, perennials, trees, shrubs and bulbs to plant in the autumn that will be ready for showy blooms come spring!


In order to kickoff the fall planting season Big Oak Nursery will be hosting its fall super sale on September 24th. Select fruit, shade, evergreen, and ornamental trees will be only $20, plus 25% off the entire nursery!


Along with our huge selection of plants, Big Oak Nursery is now offering free range eggs fresh from our very own hens! Did you know farm fresh eggs are more nutritious than store bought eggs? They have less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more vitamins A, E, and D, more omega-3 fatty acids, and more beta carotene. Plus, they taste better!


Big Oak Nursery is also now selling fresh local honey made by bees who collect pollen from our plants here at the nursery. Local honey provides many benefits especially for allergy sufferers. A tablespoon of local honey each day can help build immunity to some seasonal allergies, and provide relief from some symptoms.


Come by Big Oak Nursery this fall to get a kickstart on your spring show! Visit our website at www.BigOakNursery.com for more information about our fall sale, free range eggs, and local honey! Big Oak Nursery is located at 10071 Grantline Road, Elk Grove, 95624. 916-686-1180


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