Armed robbery outside Panda Express in Elk Grove

Armed robbery outside Panda Express in Elk Grove


Elk Grove Police


An armed robbery took place in front of the Panda Express on East Stockton Blvd around 11 am this morning according to Elk Grove Police. A woman was walking to her car when a dark colored four door sedan pulled up. The passenger got out of the car and brandished a handgun and took the victim’s purse. The suspect was wearing a ski mask and dark clothing. The victim described the suspect as six feet tall 180 pounds, and a male of unknown race due to the ski mask. The suspects fled the west in the parking towards Staples. Elk Grove Police responded but were unable to locate the car or the suspects.


This marks the fourth straight day that an armed robbery has taken place in the city, in or near a local business..  Early Friday morning the Jack in the Box near Franklin and Laguna Blvds was robbed. On Saturday morning a Starbucks near the same corner was robbed and Sunday evening a Subway, also nearby, was robbed. No suspects have been arrested in the three incidents so far. The recent string of robberies has local residents and business owners concerned about what is happening in the city.


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  1. Tom Brown says:

    I’m beginning to recognize a trend. Bold thugs with guns.

  2. Mike says:

    Exactly how does this happen 4 days in a row? The E.G. police are slacking big time. I’m so glad I moved from the Laguna area many years ago, however this crap needs to stop. E.G. Residents, it’s time to start paying more attention, taking more action and contacting the city and police to voice complaints and concerns. Make them work for their salary….that’s what we pay them for.

  3. Fed Up says:

    How about patrolling the city instead of sitting at Wackford Park waiting for a call? I know, it’s a novel idea.

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