Pleasant Grove High School issues statement regarding student threat from last week

Pleasant Grove High School issues statement regarding student threat from last week


Last week a student at Pleasant Grove High School threatened to “shoot up” the school. The school district and Elk Grove Police took the threat seriously and detained the student. Over the weekend there were postings on social media, allegedly from the same student saying “he was back.”  This caused concern from many students and parents. The district and PGHS issued the statement below.


October 10,2016 Dear Parent/Guardian, This weekend, school and district officials were notified of a social media posting, allegedly from a Pleasant Grove High School student who already had been disciplined for having previously posted threats. The content of the message, which indicated that the student was ‘back”, generated concern within the school community. We are sending this communication to address these concerns.


Upon learning of the new posting, law enforcement was notified, investigated, and took appropriate action to contact the individual who made the post. As a precaution, law enforcement will continue to be an active presence in and around Katherine L. Albiani Middle School and Pleasant Grove High School.


While the district cannot discuss particular details related to any student due to confidentiality, we can outline the disciplinary procedures that typically are taken in situations such as this.


  • First, after an initial investigation to determine the validity of an incident, a student is suspended from school. During suspension, the student is not allowed to be on or around any school campus. .
  • lf the behavior is serious enough to warrant a recommendation for expulsion, the student’s suspension is extended until an expulsion hearing can be held. During this period of extended suspension, the student remains off of the school campus. .
  • Should the student be expelled, he/she would be given an alternate placement, typically to an outside program. He/she would not attend a district school during the period of expulsion.
  • lf the student’s behavior rises to the level of criminal activity, he/she could face charges and possible arrest.

We take all threats to our schools seriously as they are disruptive to our school and community, and posting such threats is a felony offense. The safety of our students and staff is a top priority at all of our schools.


We encourage you to speak with your students about the seriousness of behaviors such as this and to ask your students “if they know something or see something to say something.” In the event of any suspicious activity, in or around a school site, please contact the Elk Grove Unified School District Safety and Security Division at (916) 686-7786.


We are sharing this information with you as part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed about incidents that affect our campuses.


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  1. Noriega Jessica says:

    Seriously?!?! This kid should not have any tech devices accessible to him. Where are these parents?

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