Two longtime Elk Grove restaurants to close down

Two longtime Elk Grove restaurants to close down


Two long time Elk Grove restaurants are closing down by the end of the month. La Fuente Mexican restaurant and Cassidy’s Family Restaurant will be closing. Today is the last day for La Fuente and Monday is the last day for Cassidy’s. Both restaurants have been mainstays on the Elk Grove dining scene for a number of years.


La Fuente is located in the center across from Dutch Bros off East Stockton Blvd and Cassidy’s is located in the center near Big Lots, off Elk Grove Blvd, just east of highway 99. No word on why either restaurant is closing.





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  1. Tom Brown says:

    Cassidy’s was never appealing to me after they moved from being next door to La Fuente.

  2. Judy l. cornick says:

    So in what year in my lifetime are these projects to be started let alone completed. It has been forever for the mall. What seems to be the holdup. It seems if they are approved, they should be able to start the project!

  3. So sad to see LaFuente close in our shopping center; but on a positive note Winnie Li’s Kitchen is opening in the same center – just a few doors down from out studio (Ajay’s Karate). It would’ve been nice to have two restaurants in our center though. The more the merrier!

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