Homeowner shoots at attempted burglar

Homeowner shoots at attempted burglar

Officers responded to the 8400 block of Modena Way at 4:26am regarding a vehicle burglary. The caller indicated that a vehicle parked in the driveway had been broken into, and that the suspect had used the garage door opener in that vehicle to open the garage of the home.

The homeowner looked at his surveillance cameras and saw an unidentified man had entered the garage. The homeowner armed himself with a shotgun, entered the garage after hearing noises, and fired one round from the shotgun towards the partially opened garage door. The suspect who was still in the garage on the other side of a vehicle, ran out of the garage, down the driveway and towards an awaiting vehicle. There was a black four-door vehicle stopped in the street directly in front of the homeowners address. The vehicle fled the area, and the suspect who was in the garage ran away on foot.


Responding officers located the suspect vehicle a short distance away and conducted an enforcement stop. The occupants of the suspect vehicle, a male and a female were detained. Officers located suspected stolen property inside the vehicle. Officers also found two additional unlocked vehicles that had been rummaged through. At this point, two people are in custody, a vehicle has been impounded, property believed to have been stolen has been recovered, and the suspect who fled the garage has not been located.
Officers also determined that the suspect vehicle had been struck by pellets from the shotgun


Updated: 2 suspects were arrested, but one is still at large



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  2. John Schuff says:

    All’s well that ends well. Should the homeowner have waited until the door was open enough to get a clear shot instead of through the door? Glad the evidence seems to be lining up against the suspects. Good job Elk Grove PD

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