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First in our new series on moms and fitness by Wendy Hoag

Focus on what you CAN do…and DO IT

Moms are constantly battling to stay on course for a healthy active lifestyle.

Pregnancy, a sick child, an injury, a change in their husbands work schedule, a new job, becoming PTA president, adopting a child…you name it there are so many things to set us off course.

The secret to staying fit over the changes in your life, through motherhood, through injuries, through all the many things you cannot control is to focus not on what you cannot do, but on what you can do. Then doing it.

Are you a busy mom, who hyperventilates at the idea of carving out an hour for a workout class?

Do a 5 minute plank routine at home before your kids get up.

See how many pushups you can do with baby underneath you..kiss the baby each time.

Do laps at the park while your school aged child plays at the park or has soccer practice.

Is your shoulder recovering from surgery?

Focus on lower body strength training

Walk, walk and walk some more

You “used” to be able to run, but don’t have the “stamina” to run now.

Put the past where it belongs, in the past. And train to run!

Start where you are, walk till you can walk for 30 min or more. Then add 30 second intervals of running, at a pace you can maintain your breathing. Once you can do that add some more time to your run. Eventually you will run more than you are walking.

Or join the Moms in Motion 5K from scratch program for more support and guidance to start running again.

Hiring a personal trainer is not just for the wealthy or super fit.

Did you know that you can hire a personal trainer for a short period of time?

He or She can work with you while you recover from an injury. Helping you to strengthen the lower body while your upper body heals from surgery. Or build stamina with non weight bearing exercises while an injury heals. Or design a workout plan that fits into your crazy schedule and helps you reach your goals outside the traditional hour workout program.

My favorite part of personal training is helping a mom overcome an obstacle she thought would keep her from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That comes in so many different forms.

Regardless of what has pushed you off course, put aside the excuses. Do what you can do.

You are worth it.

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(Wendy Hoag’s daily goal is to help other moms, new to the job or not, to build confidence in themselves physically and emotionally. Keep moving mama is her personal training business, and she trains women for fitness events with her local Moms In Motion teams. www.keepmovingmama.com www.momsinmotion.com  916-690-7624) Follow on Facebook

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