Photographer Spotlight: Kaitlynn Bland

Photographer Spotlight: Kaitlynn Bland




By: Joshua Drazil

Kaitlynn Bland is a 14 year old freshman in high school who defines a young adult who has a passion for photography. Kaitlynn thoroughly enjoys her photography class and has already captured hundreds of images on her Nikon D80 digital SLR camera. A photography professor once told me that it is better to be highly skilled with one lens than to have multiple lenses that you are mediocre with. Kaitlynn is a shining example of this lesson as she is capable of capturing striking and impressively creative photographs while being equipped with only one lens, her Quantaray wide-angle. I had the opportunity to speak with Kaitlynn about her love for photography and I was immensely impressed by her poise and ability to appreciate the deepest meanings of the art. Kaitlynn is constantly perfecting her technique and can always be seen with a camera in hand. I asked this young lady a few questions that I thought too good not to share:


Who is your favorite photographer?  My favorite photographer is my photography teacher Glen Weisgerber because he does a great job teaching me.


What is your favorite thing to photograph?   I enjoy macro photography; seeing things real close up!


What aspect of photography do you find most challenging? I find worm’s eye view, shooting in the dark, and getting my dad to pay for anything for my photography to be the most challenging!


How long has photography been an interest of yours?          One and a half years.


What made you start liking photography?     I love how photography captures the simplicity of everything around us.


There you have it: the art of photography from a freshman in high school. I feel that we can all learn from Kaitlynn’s words which are clearly wise beyond her years. And to Mr. Glen Weisgerber, we thank you for inspiring one of your students and bringing to life the art of photography for Miss Kaitlynn Bland. We can only hope that it is the desire of all teachers to do the same for the students in their care.


Here are some photographs from Kaitlynn’s repertoire:

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About the author: Joshua Drazil is a native of Elk Grove, living in the city for over 29 years. He is married to the woman of his dreams and the father of a beautiful 2 year old little boy (with another baby on the way!). Josh has a passion for photography and enjoys finding new and exciting places to shoot. You can see his portfolio of which he is constantly updating at http://www.lizardlensphotography.wordpress.com or join other passionate photographers in the area on his Facebook page Lizard Lens Photography.



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