Man arrested for groping woman at Elk Grove Target

Man arrested for groping woman at Elk Grove Target



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An Elk Grove man was arrested for groping a woman in the Target store on Tuesday afternoon. According to police the man came up from behind the woman and grabbed an intimate area of the woman, outside of her clothing, and then started laughing. The victim then pushed the man away who was then restrained by bystanders until police arrived. The man was identified as 56 year old Ibrahim Akbar of Elk Grove. He was placed under citizen’s arrest and taken to jail.


Updated 8:55 pm.  Ibrahim Akbar was arrested this morning by Sacramento Police. He is in custody in the county jail.


PC 236 Felony {Counts: 02}
PC 243.4(E)(1 Misdemeanor
Bail: $150,000.00
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