City of Elk Grove proposes road improvements through Old Town

Old Town Elk Grove Improvements

City of Elk Grove proposes road improvements through Old Town


Old Town Elk Grove Improvements


Highlights of the proposed improvements include:

  • Improving crosswalks and adding a crosswalk to intersection of Porto Rosa and Elk Grove Blvd that would include flashing lights
  • Adding a signal to intersection of Kent and Elk Grove Blvd
  • Adding bike lanes and a center turn lane



The City of Elk Grove is proposing streetscape and infrastructure improvements to an approximately 2,400-foot-long segment of Elk Grove Boulevard between School Street to the west and Waterman Road to the east. The existing alignment extends east–west and serves as one of the main travel corridors in the City.


The existing roadway provides one traffic lane in each direction with varying shoulder widths and intermittent curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Existing on-street parking is limited to areas with wider shoulders and sporadic throughout the Project limits. The existing intersections within the improvement limits are unsignalized. The Project will make the site more pedestrian-friendly by providing continuous sidewalks on both the north and south sides of the road, along with crosswalks across Elk Grove Boulevard and the various side streets. A rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) will be added at the intersection of Porto Rosa Drive and Elk Grove Boulevard to enhance pedestrian crossing safety. The RRFB contains four pedestrian signs, each with 2 small yellow rectangular sources of light which flash when a pedestrian triggers the crosswalk. The light is produced in a direction parallel to Elk Grove Boulevard to warn vehicles of crossing pedestrians. A 4-way traffic signal will be placed at the intersection of Kent Street and Elk Grove Boulevard. Existing street lighting will be improved with more decorative streetlights consistent with the streetlights in the existing section of Old Town Elk Grove. A few trees along the roadway may be removed to construct improvements, but improvements to landscaping throughout the Project site will also include tree and shrub planting along sidewalks. The Project will provide one through traffic lane in each direction with bike lanes, as well as a center two-way left-turn lane. The proposed Project would realign driveways in the Project area to conform to the new sidewalks and streetscape design. 


Existing overhead utilities are proposed to be placed underground in a new joint trench. Existing utility manholes and vaults, as well as City storm drain inlets and manholes, will need to be adjusted/relocated to match the revised surface grade. Low impact stormwater improvements will be included to improve water quality before discharging runoff to the City storm drain system.   


A welcome sign has been designed as an option for the proposed Project. The sign would span the roadway between Porto Rosa Drive and Waterman Road marking Old Town Elk Grove and would sit approximately 20 feet above the street. The sign would not be lit, but would offer the same aesthetic characteristic as the existing signage within Old Town Elk Grove. Construction may be phased due to funding limitations.


PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD: A 30-day public review period for the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration will commence on December 28, 2016 through January 27, 2017 for interested individuals and public agencies to submit written comments on the document. Any written comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration must be received at the above address within the public review period. Comments can also be made during the public hearing. Copies of the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study are available for review at the City at the above address and on the website at http://www.egplanning.org/environmental/


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