Could FamilyTreeNow be endangering you and your family?

Could FamilyTreeNow be endangering you and your family?




Protecting your family and personal information in this digital age has become a top priority for many people. With so much information being made available online, ID theft has become easier than ever. There are many sites that offer your personal information online. Most sites charge a fee for this information, but one site, familytreenow.com is offering it for free. All you need to know is a person’s name and city and it gives you their current address, former addresses and a list of “associates” or family members. Each family member’s name is hyperlinked. You can then click on their name and it shows all of their information as well. I did it and it showed my siblings, wife, nephews and nieces.



Depending on your profession, this can be very dangerous information. I did a search for several friends that are in law enforcement and sure enough, some of them were listed with their names and addresses, as well as spouses too. It doesn’t say the occupation of the person, but if you’re a criminal, all you need is the name and state. Then you can search through the names from there. If you know the city, or year of birth that narrows it down even more. If you are being harassed online, the person can easily search for your name. This can be very dangerous for those in past abusive relationships or work related disagreements.



Luckily there is a way to opt out of FamilyTreeNow. Go to Family Tree Now Opt Out  I did that and within a few minutes my information was gone. I did it for my family too. Our children were not listed at this time.  There are many other sites that offer your data though. For more information on other sites and how to opt out,

Privacy Tools: Opting Out from Data Brokers

Amazon: Protect yourself from identity theft

Privacy Policy

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  1. Lydia Ajay says:

    Thank you for posting this. I actually saw it in the Sacramento Bee yesterday. I logged on and sure enough, every member of my family and addresses back over 20 years are listed! It is very easy to opt out. Type in http://www.familytreenow.com/optout. Takes a couple days to be removed.

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