Moms in Elk Grove find new ways to combine fitness with social and community needs

Moms in Elk Grove find new ways to combine fitness with social and community needs



Moms in Elk Grove now have a new way to combine fitness with social and community needs with

Keep Moving Mama


Elk Grove, CA (January 11, 2017) – You may have seen her leading pushups in the park with a group of moms, or running down the road, or screaming for her clients finishing their first 5K at a local event. Wendy Hoag has been offering fitness programs to the women of Elk Grove for over 10 years.


In 2017, she decided to make a big change. Personal, group and event training are now offered as one local business called Keep Moving Mama.


By leaving the National organization Moms in Motion to start her own local fitness program she felt she could customize programs to better meet the needs of moms in Elk Grove.



This dynamic fitness program offers a unique approach to women fitness.

Wendy Hoag believes that when a mom makes time for herself, she can come back to her family stronger, happier and more prepared to take on the next challenge of motherhood. As a wife, and mother of 2, she knows first hand how exercise affects confidence and our mood.


For that reason, Keep Moving Mama provides a dynamic program that starts with fitness, yet also serves mom in other important ways.


  • Social Connection
  • Community Service
  • Fitness


Social Connection

What mom doesn’t need a social outlet? With Keep Moving Mama, social activities for moms, families and personal enrichment are planned each session.


Elizabeth Huber says” I came for the fitness, and I found so much more.” Soon after joining, she took on the role of Social Mama and now plans family events, MNO’s and clinics. Events are posted on meetup.com/keepmovingmama.



Community Service

We also give back to the local Elk Grove community. Instead of focusing on fundraising, which moms typically do plenty of, each member donates from their resources, time or connections.


“From collecting water for Project R.I.D.E, warm hats for the Elk Grove Food Bank, and donating our time at the Wag n Walk, it is amazing to see what we can accomplish by working together to help our community.” Rhonda Rodriguez serves as the Community Service Mama, planning these efforts.



Choose from several options.


  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Team Event Training


Group training options include bootcamp, pilates and yoga. Event training includes 5K – Half marathon for runners and walkers, duathlon and triathlon. Wendy Hoag, with 10 years of working with moms under her belt, customizes one on one fitness programs for individual needs with personal training.


Hoag explains that “Personal training can be event training, keeping active despite an injury, or just needing the accountability of me showing up at a client’s house to be sure they get their workout done. I enjoy the challenge of combining different exercise formats to create an individual plan.” Regardless of which you join, you’ll also have the support of a team of women with whom you have a quest for a healthier lifestyle in common. Sign up, and show up. We do the rest.


For more information, do the old fashioned thing and give us a call! We would love to talk to you! Of course we are also on all the cool social outlets, online, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.





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