Running in the rain

Running in the rain



Wendy Hoag of Keep Moving Mama talks about running in the rain


You won’t melt


With all the drought busting rain lately, it’s the perfect time to embrace the rain and get out there for a wet run. Yes, I know, you will get wet. But I have yet to hear of a single runner melting in the rain.


There are a few things you can do to prepare and ensure a a fabulous run in the rain:


Check the temp

Here in California, often it warms up a few degrees when it rains. Not sure the science there but it’s a pattern. You may be plenty warm without the heavy jacket during your workout. A general rule, rain or not, is to start with one less layer than you are comfortable in. You’ll heat up once you get going.


Wear less

“Honestly, I wear as little as possible when I run in the rain,” admits Sarah Louie, member of Keep Moving Mama. She recalls running in the rain in just a sports bra for high school cross country training on the secluded trails in the woods. “It was so fun!”


Not too many of us moms are running around in just their sports bras, but a light weight tech material shirt won’t soak up the water like a cotton T. Choose light weight, wicking materials won’t weigh you down for pants too.



That sweat proof hat or visor is of course also waterproof. Wear that to keep the rain off your face. Head sweats is one brand among many, The Running Zone in Elk Grove carries several good options.



Your favorite running shoes will be ready for the next run if you take care of them. Dry them after your run by stuffing them with newspaper, changing the paper every few hours till it’s dry. Newspaper is tougher to find these days, so I have found that lightweight packing paper works great for this too.



Last but not least, just remember that you won’t melt. Have fun running in the rain!


Keep moving mama.


Wendy Hoag

Keep Moving Mama





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