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Doordash is an on-demand delivery service that was founded in 2013 by four Stanford graduates. It started in San Francisco and has rapidly expanded to other cities, including the City of Elk Grove.


Having read about it online, I was curious enough to download the Doordash app and sign up. After looking through the list of restaurants available in Elk Grove, I quickly realized that many of my favorite restaurants in Elk Grove were on it. It’s fairly simple to order through the Doordash app or on the Doordash website. You sign up and input all your information and download the app. Then you look through the display of restaurant menus on the app or online and pick what you want to order from one restaurant. You get charged the cost of the food plus the delivery fee. Doordash will then call in your order to the restaurant of your choice, pick it up for you, and deliver it to your front door.


My family and I have already used Doordash on three separate occasions for Panera, Mikuni, and the Elk Grove Tofu House. All three orders were delivered within one hour. All three orders turned out perfectly. For the order to Elk Grove Tofu House, I called them personally because I like my Tofu Soup a certain way and I wanted to make sure they got it right. For the Mikuni order, I also called them, but it was just to make sure I gave them my Koki card number so I’d get credit for my purchase.


For Panera, the delivery fee was $3.99. For Mikuni, the delivery fee was $6.99. For Elk Grove Tofu House, the delivery fee was $7.99. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good deal since paying a small amount for delivery was certainly worth my not having to drive there and pick it up myself.


Doordash is a great little service you can utilize when you don’t want to cook or go out and you are craving foods from your local neighborhood restaurants. On a daily basis, you can order from 11am to approximately 10pm or whenever each restaurant closes. It should be noted that only restaurants within a certain distance from your home show up. But I found that almost all of my favorite restaurants were on Doordash. In fact, the only thing I was craving that I really couldn’t find on Doordash was In-N-Out.


I definitely think Doordash is worth checking out. Since Grubhub hasn’t expanded to Elk Grove yet, Doordash is the only widespread food delivery service available in the City of Elk Grove.


Go here to sign up for Doordash: http://drd.sh/5Ig21S/




Dr. Jacqueline Cheung aka Jax is the owner of the award winning Jax Chronicles blog and Go Jade Solutions Consulting Business. She lives in Elk Grove with her husband and 2 daughters. You can follow her journey on Instagram @jaxchronicles, her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jaxchronicles, her Jax Chronicles blog http://www.jaxchronicles.com, or her business Go Jade Solutionshttp://www.gojadesolutions.com.

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