Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary February 1

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Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary

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Time:   1815 hours
Report #:  17-000732
Charges:  PC 245(A)(1), 273A(B)
Location:  Sheldon Rd. / E. Stockton Blvd.

S-1 (Sacramento resident) was a passenger in a vehicle that was being driven by another person. There were three young children inside the vehicle that S-1 was a passenger in. When the driver pulled into a parking space, the victim approached the driver on foot. The victim and the driver began arguing over the parking space and were subsequently involved in a mutual physical altercation. While the altercation was taking place, S-1 exited the parked vehicle and approached the victim. S-1 pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the victim twice in the arm. The victim suffered visible injuries that required medical treatment. S-1 was arrested then transported to the main jail. The knife that was used in the assault was recovered at the scene.




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