Want to advertise a new listing or open house? Elk Grove Laguna Forums on Facebook has over 19,000 followers, and is growing by over 1000 each month. We can help you reach more people in the area.  Our page is one of the most followed social media pages. How does it compare to other news and information sources?  See for yourself below.


How many people does our page reach? The numbers vary of course depending on the posts and local news. The screen shot below represents an average week.



Numbers from a recent open house post. This is after less than 24 hours


We charge $10 per post. You supply the content and you choose the date and time you want it posted. The post can contain photos, links, or a video. The initial post can only have photos or a video, not both. Photos can be added in the comments, one at a time if necessary. We can provide you with a screen shot of the post views that you can share with your clients.  The turn around time and putting together an ad is very short depending on if there is a video and if you choose to use a link or have us upload it.


For any questions or more information, you can email Doc Souza at elkgrovelagunaforums@gmail.com

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