Plans for Elk Grove’s Old Town Plaza

Plans for Elk Grove’s Old Town Plaza


At their January 11 meeting the Elk Grove City Council approved the plans for the Old Town Plaza. The project will be constructed in three phases as funds become available. Phase 1 which will be improving the lot and building a permanent restroom, will begin construction this year.



Phase 1: Initial site modifications and improvements in the northern portion of the site to install a new, permanent restroom building, to improve access for existing events, and to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Specifically, Phase I includes a 350 sf restroom structure with two stalls, a new accessible path from the public sidewalk to the plaza, leveling of the existing hardscape areas of the plaza, removal of the existing fencing and placement of irrigated galvanized planters. The estimated construction cost for Phase 1 is $550,000


Phase 2 of the proposed Project would further improve the northern end of the site to make it more accessible and inviting for regular daily use along Elk Grove Boulevard. Specifically, Phase 2 includes a fixed seating area at the north end of the site, along with a heavy timber trellis, installation of tables and benches, bike parking area, site accent lighting, relocated planters and additional new landscaping. The estimated construction cost for Phase 2 is $1 million.


Phase 3 would complete buildout of the site, including construction of a new pavilion structure, second permanent restroom, additional seating, landscaping, street frontage improvements and additional parking improvements. Specifically, Phase 3 includes a new open-air pavilion structure with approximately 9,000 sf including a second permanent restroom structure with a total of six stalls. The existing plaza hardscape would be removed, and replaced with permeable hardscape, more concrete seat walls, additional landscaping, and elements of turf. Galvanized planters will be relocated along Railroad and Grove Streets, planters and entry bollards added, and permeable stone pavers included surrounding the south end of the pavilion. Off-site improvements will include public sidewalks, widening of Railroad and Grove Streets along the Project frontage, and new parking lot improvements at the southern end of the site south of Grove Street and west of Railroad Street with asphalt, landscape planters, and site lighting. The estimated construction cost for Phase 3 is $8,100,000.


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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    What a waste of taxpayer money. Traffic backs up because of people with a desire to pass through Old Town not because it is their destination. Way more Elk Grove residents would benefit from another lane in each direction on Elk Grove Blvd than a restroom and band stand.

  2. CJay916 says:

    Adding another lane isn’t feasible. They aren’t going to tear down the buildings.

  3. CJay916 says:

    I am curious… Where do you imagine these extra lanes going?

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