City of Elk Grove to improve Whitelock Parkway pedestrian crossing

City of Elk Grove to improve Whitelock Parkway pedestrian crossing


The City of Elk Grove is planning on some short term and long term improvements to the pedestrian crossing on Whitelock Parkway that was the location of a serious pedestrian vs auto accident last week.


Elk Grove Laguna News contacted the city regarding the intersection on Monday. Bob Murdoch from the Department of Public Works responded by email that the city has short term and long term plans for the crossing to make it safer.


Short term plans:

adding a pedestrian activated warning light system to the crossing.  This would be a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) that lights up when a pedestrian pushes a button similar to the one installed on Laguna Springs Drive at the Laguna Creek Trail crossing. This would be installed on a pole adjacent to the road. In fact, the pole foundations at the Whitelock crossing have already been installed and the rest of the system will be installed this week.

Long term plans:

The long term solution will be funded by a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant.  This grant will fund an upgrade to three (3) existing pedestrian crossings, including the Whitelock crossing.  The Whitelock crossing will be upgraded with an overhead pedestrian lighting system with the lights flashing after a pedestrian pushes a button. There is not a good example of this type of treatment in the City but the attached photo from a location in central California shows the pedestrian crossing overhead warning lights and signage on the pole. The grant funds are currently scheduled to be available in October of 2018. Staff is working with Caltrans to see if the funding date can be advanced. The other two locations that are part of the grant are the crossing at the intersection of Harbour Point Drive at Buckminster Drive and Lakepoint Drive at Sunset Point Place (near Stone Lake Elementary School).

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