Elk Grove City Council approves $31 million aquatics center

Elk Grove City Council approves $31 million aquatics center


In a special meeting last Wednesday night, the Elk Grove City Council approved a bid for nearly $31 million to build the aquatics center as part of it’s Civic Center Complex. With Mayor Steve Ly absent, the council approved the proposal 4-0.


The city sent out a request for bids for the project. Three companies supplied bids. Arntz Builders from Novato, Harris Construction from Fresno and Diede Construction from Woodbridge. The city’s engineer estimate had placed the cost at $30,800,00. Arntz Builders were the lowest at $31,032,641.  In order to meet the estimate, one element of the proposal, reflecting pools, was eliminated from the bid. Construction is expected to start this year and conclude prior to summer of 2018. The location of the aquatics center will be the southeast corner of Big Horn Blvd and Civic Center Drive. Elk Grove City Staff Report


The aquatics center has gone through a variety of changes over the past 5 years.  Initial plans included a Sun Splash type water park and facilities that then Mayor Gary Davis said could bring the Olympic Trials to Elk Grove. In September of 2014, the council approved plans for the aquatic center and according to the Sac Bee story, bids would go out in 2015 with the project completed in 2016.  At that time the water park aspect was tossed out and plans of an “Olympic” type facility were as well.  The process was restarted in 2016 with the current proposal.


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  1. LC says:

    Just one question. Why did it take us almost a year to get a permit for our little $6M project, when the City of Elk Grove can obviously do it much quicker for their own $30M project?

    Otherwise, I’m all over it. It’s free land and about time. We have a nice shopping complex right across the street that will benefit from the excessively large water features :-).

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