Sheldon community unhappy with proposed Tractor Supply location

Sheldon community unhappy with proposed Tractor Supply location


There was a standing room only crowd at last night’s Sheldon community meeting at the Barn Cafe to discuss the proposed Tractor Supply location and the Capital Southeast Connector. Most residents were there to hear about the Tractor Supply store. What the representatives of Tractor Supply heard was that residents do not want them to build a store there.


The store which would be located near Wilton Road and Grantline, would have a 19,000 square foot building with a 14,000 square foot yard area. The project would require approval by the Elk Grove City Council. Company reps said they have been working on the project for over a year. During that time they met with local community members and city planners. They recently submitted their application to the city and last night was their first open community meeting.


Most of those in attendance expressed their displeasure with the project’s appearance, location, and potential traffic increases, but the most talked about issue was the effect it would have on local businesses like Sheldon Feed and Ace Hardware.  Tractor Supply would sell many of the same items as those other stores. Many residents spoke passionately about their support for the local businesses and their fear that it would hurt the local businesses.  The owner of Sheldon Feed, Corky Donnelly, said his business has been open since 1962. He assured residents that he would not go out of business, but it would likely force him to cut back on labor and benefits provided to employees. The store employs approximately 20 employees, 60% of which are full time.  Many residents also said they frequent the current Tractor Supply location in Galt, on Twin Cities Road. They also stated they would not patronize a location in Sheldon.


Residents also heard an update on the proposed Capital Southeast Connector that will run through the Sheldon Community.




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