City Council approves plan to cut transit 7.6%

City Council approves plan to cut transit 7.6%


Late Wednesday night the Elk Grove City Council went along with the recommendation of city staff to cut transit services by 7.6% over the next 5 years. The cuts are being implemented to reduce the dependency of Elk Grove’s transit service on the City’s general fund. The proposed changes will take effect in October 2017.


In July of 2015 the city initiated a study of the transit system using a grant from CalTrans.  Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) looked at the city’s transit system and came up with 3 scenarios for the next 5 years.  The first scenario is the “base” scenario that would keep the existing transit system as is require general fund contributions of approximately $3.5 million. The second scenario was a 7.6% reduction and the third scenario was a 10% cut. Staff recommended the second scenario.


In addition to the cuts in service, fares will increase by 22% for local fares and 44% for commuter fares in January 2018, and 9% and 23% respectively in July 2020.

Other highlights:

  • eliminating all fixed route service on Sundays,
  • No reductions to the Paratransit service are proposed for Sundays. E-van service will still be provided on Sundays.
  • reducing the proposed reverse commute trips from 22 trips to eight trips.


Implementation of the new system design follows three steps:

1. Restructure the local route network around a new express route with a north-south alignment extending between the CRC campus LRT station and the planned business district located near Hwy 99 and Kammerer Road primarily via Big Horn Boulevard. This is intended to lay the foundation for further consideration of an enhanced transit service corridor envisioned in the 2003 General Plan. An enhanced transit service corridor may take the form of express bus, bus rapid transit or ultimately light rail transit service.


2. Implement five (5) additional local routes to provide east-west coverage along developed segments of Calvine Road, Sheldon Road, Bond Road-Laguna Boulevard, W Big Horn Boulevard, Elk Grove Boulevard, and Whitelock Parkway; and north-south coverage on segments of Elk Grove Florin Road, S Big Horn Boulevard, Bruceville Road, Franklin Boulevard, and Harbour Point Drive. This forms a grid network primarily on arterial streets with routes both intersecting the Big Horn corridor, and also running parallel to it.


3. Overlay seven (7) commuter routes on local alignments within Elk Grove with peak period service directly to Downtown Sacramento via I-5 and Hwy 99. These commuter routes would maintain and enhance peak-period service capacity between Elk Grove and Sacramento, and focus on serving an improved network of park and ride lots. The alignment of the commuter service routes results in reduced travel times within the city limits and further utilizes a downtown realignment with all routes operating in the same network.


Detailed maps can be found here –> Full staff report and COA


Video of staff report and council comments, go to item 10.2 on the video.


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