Amgen’s Third Stage takes off from Elk Grove

Amgen’s Third Stage takes off from Elk Grove


The City of Elk Grove hosted the women’s third stage of the Amgen Tour of California today.  After two races in the mountainous Lake Tahoe area, the racers were ready for the fast and flat roads of the Central Valley in Elk Grove. The third stage started in Elk Grove park as the city hosted it’s first ever Amgen race.  The city put together a festival like atmosphere with booths, games and food trucks.


Spectators were able to witness the introduction of the riders on stage before the race that was being broadcast on the Internet around the world.  Representing the City of Elk Grove on stage was Mayor Steve Ly and City Council members Darren Suen and Stephanie Nguyen.

Stage 3 Results


Start of the Third Stage


Introduction of Elk Grove officials


Some photos from the festival


Pre race video

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