Cryotherapy comes to Elk Grove


A new way to speed up the healing process that was previously only available to superstar athletes has come to Elk Grove. CryoMe Therapy is a new business that opened recently. Cryotherapy has been around a number of years, but has recently become more popular. Athletes like Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo have been using the treatment and swear by the positive effects it has on their bodies.



I decided to try it out this morning. I have to say I was a little bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. I wasn’t sure I could deal with the cold.  When I arrived at my appointment I did the initial sign in and provided my information. Then I was taken to a room where the chamber is located.  There I was told about the process by Alex, the technician. She went over what would happen, what it would feel like, and any after effects.  Once that was over, she left the room and then I stripped down to my underwear and stepped inside the chamber. You are given a pair of gloves, thick, calf length socks and a pair of slider shoes.  Once inside, I pushed a button to let her know that I was ready.  Then  she came in and adjusted the height on the chamber. They want you to have your head and shoulders above the top so you can comfortably rest your arms on the top of the chamber.


After Alex came back in, she secured the chamber door. For those wondering, there is no feel of claustrophobia.  You can see above the top easily and there is plenty of room inside to turn around and move if necessary.  She starts the process and you are quickly in the middle of a -240 degree cold air.  That sounds really cold, and it is, but it is cold air. Being in 50 degree water would be much colder than this.  You are in the chamber for 2-3 minutes. 3 minutes is the maximum allowed.  It was fairly comfortable.  The coldest part for me was the back of my calves and knees.  Alex said I did very well for my first time and that many people don’t do the full 3 minutes.  She said that there are two post reactions that people have after a treatment. Some people full relaxed and want to take a nap and some feel rejuvenated and ready to go.  I would say that I was more the latter. I felt more energy.  I didn’t feel any negative side effects. I had been having soreness in my knees for a few weeks, so I was interested in seeing if this would help. I wanted to wait and give it a few hours before really making a decisions.


Now, nearly 12 hours after my treatment, I have to say that my knees feel much better.  I feel like I have better range of motion. There is not the soreness I sometimes have after sitting at my desk. I look forward to using it again and see if the positive effects continue.


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Their address is 9230 Bruceville Road #2, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

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