Attempted robbery near Strong Park in East Elk Grove

Attempted robbery near Strong Park in East Elk Grove


Shortly after 7 pm on Wednesday a female and friend were walking towards Strong Park, in the 9500 block of Baypoint Way, when they were approached by two black male juveniles.  The suspects demanded the victim turn over her personal property.  One of the suspects raised his shirt and revealed what looked like the handle of a gun, according to the victim. The victim and her friend, feared for their safety and ran away.  The suspects also fled in an unknown direction. Police were not able to find the suspects.


The suspects were described as S1, 5’8”, 120, wearing a black shirt and blue jean shorts. S-2 was described as being, 5’6”, 150, wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the EGPD Non emergency numbers, 916-714-5115



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