By Miranda Chabot, Cosumnes Oaks High School


Senior and ASB President Diego Haro helped hand out free Moon Pies to students


This Monday, Cosumnes Oaks High School students and staff collaborated in order to view the total solar eclipse during class. In the days leading up to the eclipse, Americans flocked to select cities across the country under the path of totality. However not everyone’s schedules were flexible enough to watch. With the eclipse reaching its peach in the middle of their second period, most CO students had resigned themselves to missing out on the natural marvel.


But before it could pass the students by, many CO groups took the lead in turning the eclipse into a school event. Some science department classes gave out passes for their students to step outside and watch as a group. Even many of those without the pass were able to view the eclipse using glasses brought from home or borrowed from friends and teachers.


To top off the day, Cosumnes Oaks’ ASB Leadership purchased Moon Pies to be given out as lunch. ASB Vice President Rene Kum said the treats were important because “celebrating a common event can bring people closer [and] to feel included within our campus.” Even the least scientifically-inclined student could appreciate free food.


This spur-of-the-moment celebration quickly unified CO’s student body. Junior Sarah Mack remarked, “It was so adorable… I do think that it improved school spirit to see the eclipse and eat together.”


The next solar eclipse to land its shadow on the United States will not be arriving until 2024 – years after all current CO students have graduated. Hopefully future members of the Wolfpack follow their example and celebrate no matter the challenges.


Senior Leslie Alston celebrates with a Moon Pie and eclipse glasses


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