Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary August 31

Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary

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Watch Summary
Thursday, August 31, 2017


Time:  0145 hours
Report #: 17-005620
Charges: WARRANT
Location: Black Kite Dr. / Harvest House Way.

S-1 (Elk Grove resident) was operating a motor vehicle that was stopped for a vehicle code violation.  A records check revealed that S-1 had an active warrant out for her arrest.  S-1 was arrested then transported to the main jail.


Time:  1457 hours
Report #: 17-005628
Charges: PC 243(E)(1)

S-1 (Elk Grove resident) and V-1 were involved in a verbal argument that escalated into a physical altercation. During the altercation, S-1 pushed V-1 into a refrigerator. V-1 was transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment. S-1 was arrested then transported to the main jail.


Time:  2125 hours
Report #: 17-005632
Charges: VC 2800.2(A), 2800.4
Location: Elk Grove Blvd. / Waterman Dr.

An EGPD officer observed S-1 (Rancho Cordova resident) operating a motorcycle in an unsafe manner. When the officer attempted to conduct a vehicle stop, S-1 did not yield and led officers on a pursuit. The pursuit travelled several miles before officers lost visual contact with S-1. A CHP air unit that was responding to assist located S-1 on the motorcycle and followed S-1 to the 9400 block of Bar Du Lane. Officers were directed to the location by the CHP air unit. S-1 and the motorcycle he was riding were located. S-1 was arrested then transported to the main jail.

Time:  2255 hours
Report #: 17-005633
Charges: PC 211, 212.5(A), 207(A), 182(A)(1)
Location: 9600 block of Apple Mill Dr.
Suspect #1: AYARD, JORGE (HMA, 19, ARRESTED)
Suspect #2: JUVENILE (BMJ, 17, ARRESTED)

Four unknown suspects confronted the victim in front of the above location and demanded personal property. One of the suspects brandished a handgun during the encounter. When another family member came outside, the suspect brandished the handgun at the second victim. The suspects then entered the residence with the two victims and confronted additional occupants. As officers arrived, the suspects fled the residence by way of the backyard. Additional officers arrived and began searching for the suspects. S-1 (Ceres resident) and S-2 (Modesto resident) were located and detained as they were walking to an associated vehicle that was parked nearby. S-1 and S-2 were positively identified as being involved in the robbery. S-1 was arrested then transported to the main jail. S-2 was transported to juvenile hall. The vehicle associated with the suspects was also towed. Due to the ongoing nature of this investigation, a booking photo of S-1 is not being released.



* All information is obtained from the Elk Grove Police Department Daily Watch Summary. Booking photos are provided by the Elk Grove Police Department if the suspects are still in custody.  All information is a matter of public record, and the media has a right to publish the information. Elk Grove Laguna News may remove booking photos if requested.


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