This week at Laguna Creek High School, September 3




This Week At Laguna Creek High School


By: Mide Agbe-Davies


It has been another very exciting week here at Laguna Creek High School. Here in Cardinal Territory we had our first field trip of the year. The Sports Career Academy students took a free trip to The Sacramento State Aquatic Center; Where, we got to, take part in many fun team building activities. Students were divided into groups and placed at different stations such as, partner blindfolded kayaking, obstacle courses in the water, and many more. After everyone was done with their the preliminary sessions, lunch was provided and there was also an opportunity to play some sand volleyball. As people finished eating, they slowly started to disperse back into the water. This amazing field trip was a great way for everyone to not only cool off on a very hot day but also a chance for people to make new friends.



Many club activities started this week. Most clubs are still open to new members, so if your child isn’t in one, tell them not to hesitate to get involved and go to the meetings when they hear them in the bulletin.( IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!) Of Course we can’t forget that this week also marked the beginning of our beloved football season. Large numbers of parents, students, families, and friends came out to support our football team. The athletes gave their all, despite injury, and didn’t give up even when they were down. Shout out to the cheerleaders, band, color guard and the spirit section for keeping the game full of energy. Way To Go Cardinals!



Tips: In this upcoming week there will be many more sporting events, such as the volleyball game on Tuesday, water polo on Thursday, and many more club events as well. So make sure to look out for those. Parents- Try and get your kids involved as much as possible. That’s it for this week. Keep it up Cardinals!!

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