This week at Florin High School, September 7

This week at Florin High School, September 7


This week at Florin High School
By Maritza Ortiz-Urrutia (Aug 28-Sep 1)


It’s been quite a week here at FHS. It marked our 4th week back and our activities just
keep coming. Powderpuff practice for all grades started Wednesday, the 30th of August.
Powderpuff is flag football. Every year, Florin has a powderpuff game in which all the female
students from every grade play flag football. The teams go as follow: Seniors and Freshman play
on one team vs. Juniors and Sophomores. Male students dress up ass cheerleaders and cheer on
our lady panthers! (Additional coverage will be added once we play the official game).

Next up, one of the big events that happened this week was the LAW Academy annual
LAW day picnic at Elk Grove Regional Park on Thursday (I will go into detail on FHS
academy’s soon). They have a picnic each year at the park to bond with the new students who
have joined the academy. They played a variety of games such as tug of war, volleyball, egg
toss, and kick ball. They even broke a piñata! The 2018 seniors got to know some of the new
students and give some insight into what to expect from the academy and the benefits.
















Friday marked National College Colors day. FHS celebrated this by rewarding students who wear college gear. By wearing any kind of college gear, the student was given a snack in the quad to show their support for going to college. In addition to this, students who passes the SBAC exam from the previous year were given goodie bags as well. In other news, Senior Picnic was rescheduled to Wednesday, the 6th due to extreme heat. Wednesday will be cooler weather, so our Florin seniors will enjoy the picnic next week.


And remember, every day is a great day to be a panther, for sure!

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