This week at Florin High School, September 9

This week at Florin High School


This week at Florin (Sep 5-8)

By:Maritza Ortiz-Urrutia


Monday was Labor Day, so Florin students spent the day relaxing with no class for the day, honoring the national holiday centered around the labor movement. 


Wednesday, the class of 2018 had their well deserved Senior Picnic. Activities, lunch, games, and relaxation made for a wonderful time! Activities included blob tag, soccer, volleyball, kickball, and even making bracelets. Seniors enjoyed a delicious lunch of Dickey’s BBQ, quite the contrast to an everyday school lunch. Overall, the senior picnic was a success! 


(Evelyn Bravo, student, ready to enjoy BBQ)


To conclude, Friday was the kickoff to Florin’s homecoming week! At the end of third period, the entire school gathered for a rally. It started off with principal Denise Escobar congratulating the class of 2018 for their outstanding achievement on the SBAC. They increased their English scores by 18%, surpassing the entire district. Go Panthers! In addition, each class had their dance battle. The Freshman of 2021 did a dance about Motown, their homecoming float theme. Sophomores danced with a Sac-Francisco theme, Juniors took on Los Angeles, and Seniors brought it home with a New York dance. Great job to each class! Homecoming royalty was announced to conclude the rally. Florin has an excited and spirited week coming! 

(Mrs. Escobar, principal)



Remember, everyday is a great day to be a panther, for sure! 

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