Old Town Elk Grove business owner finds racist notes at salon

Old Town Elk Grove business owner finds racist notes at salon


On Tuesday morning an employee at Dream Girls Fine Hair Imports & Salon, found a note wedged in the doorway to the salon. The note contained a threatening racist message directed at African Americans.




Earlier today, I met with Sharie Wilson, owner of the salon to get her comments in her own words about this incident and what she says has been an ongoing issue at the salon in the 8 years that she has owned it. Wilson said that these types of incidents have become common, but the note on Tuesday has Wilson and her employees afraid for their safety.


Wilson said they have had feces thrown at their door. They have had someone bang on their door and say “Nigger go home”.  People have driven by and yelled racial slurs. She said she feels like her complaints about the issues have been ignored by the city.


While talking with Wilson, a nearby business owner stopped by and offered their support and said they were sorry to hear about this.  Wilson said that people have stopped by today to offer support and someone brought in flowers.


Also Elk Grove City Councilman Pat Hume stopped by to offer his support and assure Wilson that this is not what the city is about.  He asked Wilson what she would like to see done, and she said she would like to see a dialogue about these issues, some type of forum, where African American families can share their stories of harassment and other issues facing them in Elk Grove.


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