What is Kaia FIT?

What is Kaia FIT?




Hello Elk Grove Community! Let me first introduce myself, my name is Melynda Lovato and I am a Barre Coach at Kaia Fit Laguna. I will be providing you with nutrition and fitness tips, upcoming community health and wellness events, and sharing personal insight as well as interviews from local fitness/health enthusiasts in Elk Grove!


First and foremost, What is Kaia Fit? Good question! We are a place where fitness,
nutrition and sense of community come together to bring more balance into our everyday lives. Kaia Fit is not only the hub for a sweat-driven workout, but also, a place where you can gain the knowledge to eat better, move more efficiently, and feel your ultimate best while creating strong relationships with coaches and your fellow Kaia Fit sisters.


Kaia Fit welcomes everyone from the avid gym-goer who is looking for more of a challenge to their fitness routine to those who are at the beginning phase of their health and fitness journey. We are a mix of all levels and we come together to create the strongest support team in Elk Grove. If you are someone who is looking for variety in their fitness routine, we got you covered! Our gym has everything from functional training style workouts to our newest heart-pumping barre classes. Want to see what all this “Kaia Fit” talk is all about? Come try us out for a free week!


Let’s learn, sweat and create healthier lifestyles together.
See you next week!
Barre Coach Kaia Fit Laguna
3137 Dwight Rd, Suite 100, Elk Grove, Ca.

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