Cosumnes Fire Department receives federal grant to hire more firefighters

Cosumnes Fire Department receives federal grant to hire more firefighters



Congressman Bera and Cosumnes Fire Chief McLaughlin


The Cosumnes Fire Department is going to receive nearly $2 million in federal grant money, the department and Congressman Ami Bera announced on Thursday.


Bera and new Cosumnes Fire Chief Mike McLaughlin held a press conference on Thursday at Station 76 to announce the grant money.  McLaughlin said the money would be used to hire 8 additional firefighters.  The 8 positions were eliminated during the recession in a cost cutting move by the Cosumnes Community Services District.


“State and local firefighters are the frontline of public safety,” said Rep. Ami Bera. “These men and women put their life on the line and it’s critical that we support them every way we can. First responders work tirelessly to meet the needs of the community and this funding for new staff will significantly reduce injuries and illness, overtime costs, and increase response time. This is great news for Sacramento County.”

“The SAFER grant will be an enormous asset for our Department and we are grateful to FEMA for these funds restoring much-needed positions lost during the economic downturn,” said Cosumnes Fire Chief Mike McLaughlin. “The grant will fund new personnel and will enhance the safety of our community and our firefighters. More firefighters reduce the need for mandatory overtime and add flexibility to our force.”


The grant will allow the department to be able to reduce over time by having more firefighters available in the detail pool. The grant will pay for 75% of the increased costs for the first two years and 35% in the third year. The department expects to be able to absorb full amount of the salaries and benefits by the 4th year.

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