Is iOS 11 a battery killer for older iPhones?

Is iOS 11 a battery killer for older iPhones?

by Doc Souza


Last Tuesday Apple released it’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 11. There have been reports on the web of the new iOS draining the batter faster from mobile devices.


I saw that first hand on my iPhone 7. After updating Tuesday afternoon, I used my phone as I normally do on Wednesday morning. I typically wake up, check some emails and do a little work using my iPhone. That usually runs me down to about 90%. Then I take about a 1 hour walk and during that time I have my runkeeper app on, listening to music on my bluetooth ear phones and doing some work on the phone. Typically it takes the battery down to around 50-60%.  After updating, I did my usual routine on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. By the time I finished my walk, my battery was less than 5%. I had to stop using it for work the last 15 minutes to make sure I had enough to complete my walk.


On Friday I received the new iPhone 8 and things have been back to normal the last two days with battery usage.  Battery drain with the new release of an iOS is not something new. It usually happens with each release and then Apple does some updates and it corrects it.  An article in Forbes Magazine, explains why this happens with new releases.  Chances are you may not need to do anything if you are still using an older iPhone or iPad.  The issue could fix itself or be fixed with a new update.  In the mean time, make sure you have a charger in your car or at work.

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