Elk Grove home hit by armed robbers

Elk Grove home hit by armed robbers


In what has become an alarming trend, another Elk Grove home was hit by armed robbers late Wednesday night.


The incident took place around 10 pm at the 6700 block of Venetian Court, in the Laguna area of Elk Grove.  According to police the resident heard someone banging on the garage door. The victim and four friends walked outside and noticed the garage door was damaged. Then four black males approached them and demanded their personal property. One of the suspects displayed a handgun.


During the robbery, the armed suspect struck one of the victims in the head with gun.  The suspects took personal property from the victims and then fled on foot to a black four door vehicle.  The suspects wore black hooded jackets. One of the victims was transported to a local hospital for treatment.


This incident is not far from an assault last week.  In that incident a man was out walking his dog when he was attacked by three men.  Recently there were four incidents involving residents arriving home at night that were targeted by criminals. Earlier this week there was a home invasion type robbery with the suspects using some type of ruse to gain access to the home.



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