Kaia FIT: 5 Tips on Getting Through The Holidays Like a Health Champ

5 Tips on Getting Through The Holidays Like a Health Champ


Hi Elk Grove Community! For many of us, the holidays are a time of the year where we just can’t seem to stay away from our kids Halloween candy stash, grandma’s famous apple pie, and festive seasonal cocktails. With that said, this week, I wanted to breakdown some tips and tricks on how to get through all the festivities and gatherings while keeping those health/fitness goals in mind and avoiding the “damage control” come 2018.


1. Find your support/accountability partner. Whether its your spouse, friend or coach, having at least 1 person by your side to cheer you along the way, will help keep you accountable and motivated to keep moving. For me personally, I know if I don’t take that Kaia class on Sunday, my fellow coaches will ask where I was. Because I really never have a great excuse, I try to avoid missing that class altogether.


2. Focus on nutrient dense foods. During any get together, try to load up on foods that are filled with fiber and nutrients. I know our choices may be slim, but most of the time, we will have at least one or two options to choose from. Your body will love you for it. So grab those tongs and go straight to the green beans and salad before hitting your Aunts’ casserole.


3. Make your sweat sessions FUN! As someone who’s worked in the fitness industry for almost a decade, seeing clients fall on and off their routine (especially during the holidays) is, unfortunately, more normal than not. I’ve found that those who are the most consistent are those who thoroughly enjoy their workouts. If you wake up dreading that 40 minute treadmill run, it may be time to reevaluate and try something new. Whether its taking those runs outside, joining a new gym, or adding a new class to your routine, it may just be that change you need to keep you going.


4. Schedule your workouts. Between our kids, full-time jobs, and holiday festivities, our schedules can fill up quick. Make sure to pencil in time for yourself. Your mind, body and family will all thank you in the long run (no pun intended) At Kaia, we have recently launched our Kaia App where our members sign up for classes ahead of time. Not only is it a great way to plan, but also an amazing tool for us coaches to see who intended to come to class but didn’t quite make it out of bed that day. Accountability is key, people 🙂


5. Fully embrace this time of the year. Let’s face it, we will never be able to completely avoid being surrounded by the leftover Halloween candy and decadent recipes. However, there are plenty of activities that we can do to keep the holiday spirit alive while adding more activity into our regimen. You may think you’re just picking out a few pumpkins to decorate your porch or trying to find the ultimate scare in the corn maze, but really you’re on your feet instead of on the couch watching the newest Netflix documentary. So the next time you’re looking through the community events, start planning the Holiday festivals, where you’re going to do that Black Friday shopping and don’t forget to dance your way through the New Year.


See you next week!

Melynda Lovato

Barre Coach Kaia Fit Laguna

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