2017 Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival


2017 Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival


The two day Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival enjoyed huge crowds as families flocked to Elk Grove Park. The park was filled with families enjoying the festivities. There was plenty of things to do.


The highlight of the festival is the pumpkin pie eating contest. Contestants from all over the world descend on Elk Grove for the event. This year’s winner was Jeffrey Esper with 15.75 pounds of pumpkin pie consumed in 8 minutes. The record is 20.25 pounds.


In the community members portion of the event, Elk Grove Police Department Community Service Officer Kristina Ramirez defeated Laguna Creek high school football coach Dan Davis by 4 ounces. Ramirez put away 3.5 pounds.  Cosumnes Community Services District Rod Brewer came in third and Cosumnes Firefighter  Nick Flores came in 4th.

Community pie eating winner Kristina Ramirez with her fellow officers


Another highlight is pumpkin regatta.  Contestants use hollowed out Giant pumpkins to paddle across the lake.


Pumpkin pie eating



Pumpkin boat races




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