Two bike riders robbed of cell phone by teens

Two bike riders robbed of cell phone by teens


Two people riding their bikes on Monday night had one of their cell phones taken. According to the police report the incident happened around 7:50 pm in the 8600 block of Power Inn Road. A vehicle pulled alongside the pair and four black male juveniles exited the vehicle. One suspect took a phone from one of the victims and a second suspect attempted to take a phone from the second victim. The suspects then got into the car being driven by an unknown person and fled the scene.


The incident continues a trend in the Elk Grove area of robberies and assaults on local residents

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October 13 Man robbed, shot with pellet gun while meeting “unknown” woman

October 7-8  Two injured in weekend assaults

October 8 Man robbed and assaulted outside Elk Grove home

October 4 Woman punched in the face walking in parking lot

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